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May 10th

How to Make Homemade Yummy Doughnuts

Are you planning to make homemade yummy doughnuts for a sweet treat? Whether you want to make doughnuts for your office, a brunch, or a weekend morning, making the best doughnuts is the best decision. Having a homemade doughnut recipe that works best and brings out wholly delicious doughnuts is the priority. Doughnuts are a bit of an obsession for some people. You can have doughnuts as a snack instead of purchasing other snacks from the supermarket. Doughnuts will save you a lot of cash you would have spent on snacks. Making doughnuts don’t require a lot of hand on time. There are two types of doughnuts the cake and the yeast doughnuts, depending on your preference, you can make both in the comfort of your home. Making cake doughnuts is easy compared to yeast doughnuts since it doesn’t require a lot of rising time. If you read this article, your life will change completely. Making doughnuts is very easier than people think, and they are mostly a hand-off process. With all your ingredients ready, making your doughnuts will be easy. Below is a recipe for making doughnuts.

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Firstly, you should cream the butter and sugar. Start by beating butter and sugar in a large bowl until the mixture is thick. Doing this allows the ingredients to mix and creates air in the dough. This will result in a fluffy and lighter texture. After butter and sugar are well combined, you can add your eggs one by one.

Secondly, bring the dough together and let it rest for some minutes. As you wait, you can combine the flour, baking powder cinnamon, salt, and nutmeg. You can similarly add the dry ingredients with milk to the butter mixture. Continue mixing until they are well mixed, then cover and refrigerate the dough for two hours.

Thirdly, cut your doughnuts into your preferred shape. Put some flour on a surface and shape it into a large circle. Cut out your doughnut shapes with a floured doughnut cutter. Alternatively, if you don’t have a doughnut cutter, you can use a cup to measure the outer cut.

After cutting your doughnuts into the perfect shapes, you can deep-fry them. Using an oven or a deep fryer, heat about a quart of oil. When the oil is heated, add three or four doughnuts, depending on the size of your pan. You should be careful not to put many pieces of doughnuts in the frying pan so that the oil will drop. While they are cooking, you should be flipping them to ensure they turn golden brown on both sides. When they are all golden brown, drain the doughnuts on a baking sheet with a cooling rack and continue cooking until they are all cooked.

To sum up, roll the doughnuts in cinnamon and sugar. For those who love sugary toppings, you can use the remaining sugar and cinnamon. Roll the warm doughnuts in the mixture and serve your doughnuts. You should read the recipe above, and you will love the outcome of your doughnuts. You can host your friends and enjoy the yummy homemade doughnuts.

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